Innovation and Music - A Cappella


5 voices, 0 instruments, 1 new exciting vocal sound.

Eh440 is an acappella group founded in Toronto, Canada in 2012. Of course, that means that they only use their voices to create their music.

How Did It Start? A group of singers got together in 2012 and decided to form a new kind of group. Some had sung together before, some only knew of each other through their music, and some had even been childhood rivals.

But they knew that they wanted to work together to start something fresh and new - recording and performing a modern side of contemporary acappella music. And, although the group is new, individually the members have vast experiences.

Between them, they have released CDs that have topped the charts, been certified gold, and toured all over the world including coast-to-coast in Canada, the U.S., as well as Europe and Asia.

How Do I Say It? Eh is pronounced the Canadian way and then the number 4, and then the number 40. ~ Official Pronunciation of Eh440 ~

What's Next? 2013 is a busy year for Eh440 as they start recording their first CD while continuing to play live shows. They're expecting to release their CD in very early 2014.

Innovation 2013 Video