Kevin Bolibruck


I enjoy making myself uncomfortable


From an early age, Kevin was into hockey. He started playing organized hockey at age 5. As he moved up the hockey ladder he gave into the siren song of the ice and decided to become a professional player. Through a combination of hard work and natural talent Bolibruck launched a successful career that took him from Canada to the US to Europe and back again.

Starting with the Peterborough team he moved on to play as captain of the Canadian National team. After being drafted by the Ottawa Senators in 1995 he played for a number of NHL teams and their affiliates. Then onto Europe where he played for teams in England, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Norway and Italy. His 15 year journey taught him perseverance, mental toughness, discipline and goal setting which transfers to a successful life beyond hockey.

While on this journey he was also able to pick up an undergraduate degree in Business Management and went on to complete a Masters degree in Business at Sheffield University in the United Kingdom. Giving him more tools for life after hockey

Kevin is married with 3 children and lives in Niagara.

While his daytime job as a financial advisor keeps him busy he still finds time to give presentations to hockey and other teams in Niagara. His topics include the value of using mental toughness, discipline and goal setting, learned in team sports, can be successfully applied for the rest of your life.

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