Melissa HellwigMelissa Hellwig


Melissa Hellwig has a Masters of Environmental Management and has been a Niagara-based sustainability communicator since 2005.

After spending 10 years over on the dark side working for the coal mining industry, she had a major life-altering experience, and subsequently had a family, moved continents and took to local and organic food in a big way.

She has worked fly-in-fly-out as a geologist in the Australian desert, and more recently took to the witness box to prevent those same international clients from destroying 4,000-year-old aboriginal artifacts.

Melissa loves to speak. She was recently trained by Al Gore's Climate Leadership organization in San Francisco and she is available for presentations. Previous speaking engagements have included the Canadian Green Building Council and the Ontario Environmental Network. Locally, she has been involved with the Niagara Sustainability Initiative, Commonplace Eco-Village, and more recently worked on a sustainability project for the City of St Catharines.

She is a practicing yoga instructor whose idols include (and she said - write these names down!) Pam Warhurst, Joanna Macy and Paul Hawken.


"You're not stuck in a traffic jam, you are the traffic jam" - a sign I saw on a Berlin street, 1994. This notion of personal responsibility and interdependence has fascinated me for some time. Riding roughshod over topics such as sustainability, self-awareness, interdependence and social media, this talk aims to reveal ways to dissolve entitlement from our society, how we might collectively source (and benefit!) from greater social, environmental and economic responsibility - and with that, race through some examples of how it does (and could continue) to affect our St. Catharines communities. So grateful, so looking forward to it!

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