Trevor TwiningTrevor Twining


Trevor is a freelance web developer and team lead currently living in St. Catharines. He's worked remotely on projects with global visibility like Amnesty International, First Lady Michelle Obama and George H. W. Bush. He specializes in building highly productive distributed teams, and teaching freelancing independents how to build effective careers that allow them control of their own destinies.

Trevor is helping build the local technology and creative independent community in Niagara. He's the coordinator for Coworking Niagara, participates in Software Niagara, and also presents at or organizes at a host of others. Born and raised in St. Catharines, Trevor continues to live here with his wife Heather and three children, Daniel (10), Erin, (8) and Nathan (4).


Job creation in the Niagara Region is a topic of massive, hand-wringing concern. However what most people don't realize is that the Niagara region is capable of tapping into a job market worth 200 million dollars today, with minimal retooling or policy changes. I'll describe in my talk how we can get there together.

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